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Fastrack Carrier Services provides customers access to our modern advanced network and state of the art national infrastructure across Canada. Our Carrier Services provide industry leading voice, broadband and IP solutions nationwide. With more than 14 years experience Fastrack is well positioned to deliver reach, reliability and professional expertise. Our leading edge technology, proven Network 24 hour monitoring and support provides unsurpassed reliability. Our route diversity and redundancy can accommodate all traffic patterns and loads ensuring that you and your customers receive uninterrupted service.

At Fastrack we are here to service communication providers and service providers with a single point of supply and a wholesale carrier recourse for all the services, solutions and innovations required to grow and succeed. We offer complete white labeled  solutions as required and supportive full managed service with ongoing support and maintenance. This allows you to concentrate on your business and customers without high acquisition costs.

Markets we serve

Fastrack Carrier Services provides a wide variety of wholesale services over it's high-quality and reliable network. Here are the major market segments we serve:

  • Premium Pay Per Call Service Providers
  • Pay by Phone Payment Providers
  • VOIP Resellers
  • Digital Media Companies
  • Mobile Marketing Companies
  • Service Bureau Providers
  • Inmate Telephony Service Providers
  • Canada Inter-exchange Carrier (IXC)
  • Wireless Service Provider (WSP)
  • Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)

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Fastrack Networks is a wholesale enhanced voice service provider and while our focus is in Canada and the USA we support customers who are located globally with worldwide points of presence. We pride ourselves in being facilities based provider with end to end connectivity which ensures that our comprehensive voice services offering provides our customers with a distinct competitive advantage.

Our Voice Termination Services offer a footprint that covers more than 96% of Canada’s population. Customers can connect via TDM or SIP at our Toronto hub. We support SIP and H.323 protocols.

We provide Voice Origination Services using Toll Free numbers and local DID’s and pass the originated calls to our clients using dedicated facilities or via an IP handoff. Customers requiring this service also connect to our Toronto hub.


Network Interactive Voice and Video Response - Fastrack IVR /IVVR enables businesses to communicate with their customers consistently on a 24X 7 basis. Customers can play specific messages to their callers, collect a response and route the call accordingly. Fastrack designs customer specific call flows, delivers professional voice prompts and can fully support all call processing with text to speech, and speech to text capability.

IVR/IVVR  Hosted Services

Fastrack Networks provides a comprehensive suite of IVR hosted services. Designing, implementing and managing IVR infrastructure is expensive and growing in complexity. Acquisition costs are high and engineering resources required to maintain the systems are costly and difficult to find. Capacity, reliability, scalability and failover redundancy are equally major challenges that have to be considered. The option of a hosted services platform solution is therefore both an economical and sustainable choice. Fastrack Networks IVR infrastructure is state of the art and supports a wide range of applications including text to speech, voice recognition and video.

 Some of the feature sets we support are:

  ✔ Inbound touch tone or voice recognition

  ✔ Text to speech

  ✔ Multilingual support

  ✔ Customized menu structures

  ✔ Intelligent call routing

  ✔ Multi party call conferencing

  ✔ Voice and text broadcasting

  ✔ Call recording


Fastrack offers real time bill to phone and customer care to service providers across North America and around the globe. Our solutions include advanced billing, rating, charging, policy, and wholesale settlement for fixed and mobile telephony subscribers.

We support bill to phone solutions for a wide variety of services and transactions, including content, data, voice, and these solutions enable service providers to monetize the value of each subscriber transaction while personalizing the user experience to meet mainstream, niche and individual market segment requirements. 

Service providers are assured of real-time, end-to-end solutions that address the entire subscriber lifecycle.  From provisioning, rating, charging, billing, and customer care to launching new personalized services, we provide the solutions that help drive revenue, dramatically increase profitability, and offer a reliable consistent customer experience.

We assist service providers around the world by enabling them to launch new services more quickly and gain valuable business insight through advanced reporting and analytics and enhance the customer experience with 24X7 support.

We are billing specialists with more than 14 years experience and innovation in real-time monetization of services. Our platforms are fully integrated - billing, rating, charging and customer care solutions.

At Fastrack, we are dedicated to developing innovative product offerings to meet the challenges of communications service providers and digital goods merchants around the globe.

For more than 14 years Fastrack has led the market with innovative and best-of-breed telecom billing solutions.

Our sister company - Triton Global Business Services Inc. - provides a full range of supportive products for fixed line and mobile subscribers which are designed to monetize the ever growing “no credit card required” community.


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Fastrack owns and operates a private coast to coast network in Canada and is also an established Inter Exchange Carrier with over 14 years of experience. Fastrack Global points of presence ensure worldwide reach and coverage as required. We provide complete transparency on all associated traffic through access to our Reporting and Analytics on line tool. This provides customers with 24X7 access to view their traffic in real time. Detailed analysis is provided including revenue by customer, by product, by carrier etc and the user can easily generate associated dashboards and custom reports in line with business requirements.

Our carrier services extends the powerful reach and reliability of a national network to Canadian and International service providers. We offer a range of services over this world class network to provide our customers with unmatched service performance.

Fastrack Global Billing Networks specializes in providing networks, carrier coverage and the billing solutions required to support any (pay by phone) application.


Our Canadian network extends across the country - coast to coast connecting to Canadian fixed and mobile subscribers across all major carriers. Our direct connections to the USA and Europe and global points of presence internationally provides our customers with a broad network footprint providing you the ability to unlock new business opportunities and drive profitable growth.


Our networks are engineered with complete redundancy to provide reliability and sustainability. We have a single network design and operations support team authority responsible for managing, controlling and monitoring our network 24 hours a day.



Combining more than 14 years of experience with best in class technology partners and service providers you can be assured we have the technical talent, expertise and responsiveness required to maintain your traffic and meet any specific requirements or special needs.


  • Overview
  • Billing
  • Reporting & Analytics

Our core infrastructure comprised of fixed and mobile converged switching, gateway, media processing and backhaul solutions supported by next generation interactive voice and video response systems.

Other key infrastructure includes our telecom billing application servers and reporting and analytics tools.

Our class 4/5 switch and media gateway technologies supports legacy, broadband, 2G, 3G and 4G access and can process all voice, video and telephony applications.

Our IVR and IVVR technologies, application servers and service delivery platforms support network IVR, Video IVR, Outbound IVR and text to speech, speech to text and voice recognition applications. Interactive text response (ITR) is also fully supported.

Our billing application servers are state of the art rating, charging and billing solutions to accommodate one of the most comprehensive suite of third party telephony clearinghouse and billing solutions in the industry

Fastrack’s reporting and analytics servers are the foundation of our customer support console where our clients can view their traffic and transactions in real time on a 24X7 basis. Customized dashboards can be created to view key metrics and trending charts can be created and data exported as required. This provides our clients with complete transparency and vital data to manage their business on a proactive basis.

  • Fastrack Applications
  • Typical Customers
  • Solutions

• Premium Fixed Line Services (Pay Per Minute or Pay Per Call).
• Mobile SMS, Premium SMS and Mobile Abbreviated Dial Code Services.
• Carrier Switching, Transport and Termination Services (TDM and SIP).
• Canada Voice Origination Services.
• Hosted IVR/IVVR Services – Network IVR, Video IVR, Outbound IVR and Inbound IVR.
• Call Processing and Routing.
• Voice and Text Broadcasts.
• Mass Calling and Texting - Participation Media, Voting, Competitions etc.
• Carrier Billing and Clearinghouse Solutions.

• Long distance service providers.
• Premium rate telephony service providers fixed and mobile.
• Payment providers requiring telephony billing solutions and subscriber access.
• Digital and participation media broadcasters / call in shows.
• Marketing companies.
• Call Centers - Service Bureaus.


Canadian markets are easy to access when you partner with Fastrack Networks for premium telephony wholesale, carriage and billing services. Our sister company Triton Global Business Services Inc. provides the broadest range of supportive fixed and mobile products in the industry. These products include premium 900 service numbers, toll free I 800 numbers, carrier identification codes (CIC codes), abbreviated mobile dial codes (voice short codes), mobile carrier direct billing, PSMS and SMS. Triton also provides complete hosted IVR/IVVR hosted services supported by ancillary services such as IVR audio production and call flow and routing design. These products are designed to be easily and quickly implemented on our customer’s web sites by means of customizable pay by phone web widgets. For additional information or to speak to one of Triton’s sales representatives please contact


  • My Account

All our customers are provided with access to our reporting and analytics management tool where traffic can be viewed as required and associated data exported for additional analysis. With this secure access, Fastrack customers can:

  • Manage account information and security.
  • Create customized “dashboards” of all traffic.
  • Access specialized customer reports by service.
  • Access call volumes by carrier and demographics.
  • Export data as required (.csv format).


  • About Us

Fastrack Networks provides a private carrier grade coast to coast network in Canada and is ideally positioned to be your Canada gateway partner for all voice and video network services.

We carry your traffic on secure networks provisioned with redundancy and comprehensive failover strategies. Additionally, we perform all associated billing, clearing and settlement functions, multilingual customer support and offer competitive payouts with detailed reconciliation.

Providing transport, switching, intelligent routing and call processing. Fastrack supports both SIP and legacy TDM and offers a comprehensive range of IVR and IVVR support services from our state of the art in-house infrastructure. These services support text to speech, speech to text and video. All Fastrack Network customers enjoy complete transparency to their traffic with 24X 7 access to our reporting and analytics tool.

Internationally, through a combination of direct points of presence and strategic agreements we offer global coverage in more than 200 countries

We support a wide range of customers including global payment providers, premium pay per call or per minute service providers, long distance companies, interactive media companies, social entertainment service providers and companies providing local customer service and support.

Our sister company Triton Global Business Services, provides the broadest range of supportive products both fixed line and mobile including toll free numbers, 1 900 numbers, CIC codes, DID’s, abbreviated mobile dial codes (voice short codes), PSMS, SMS and mobile direct carrier billing.



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Billing Enquiries
This section is intended for customers who require customer service with regard to Fastrack items that appear on their telephone bill. You may contact our service center by telephone at 1 866 340 4990 or by email at You may also contact us here by filling in an on-line contact form. Please note that the charges on your phone bill are always for services that you received, accepted or authorized to be billed to your fixed line or mobile telephone number. Under no circumstances can a charge be placed to a subscriber's telephone number unless they are valid and authorized.

Consumers who wish to block or unblock a specific telephone number for premium services please click BLOCK or UNBLOCK or call our service center at 1 866 340 4990.

Technical Support
Our seasoned technical support team is available to support our clients with applications and enquiries associated with our technology platforms. Fastrack's team of application developers, network specialists, voice and multimedia engineers ensure that innovative solutions are developed, implemented and maintained with reliability, security, integrity and continuity. To contact our technical support team please email

Contact Fastrack
Corporate Address

PO Box 89013
Calgary, Alberta,
T2Z 3W3

Toll Free.
1-403-257-7090 MAIN
1-403-257-6098 FAX  

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Service á la clientè



Service à la clientèle Fastrack
Fastrack offre un service à la clientèle 24X7 pour ses clients. Ce service offre une valeur exceptionnelle en assurant un soutien de première ligne pour tous les utilisateurs des services que vous fournissez sur nos réseaux Fastrack. Cela signifie que nos centres d'appels dialogue directement avec vos clients et traite toutes les demandes de facturation routinière associés. Nos équipes expérimentées d'agents de centre d'appels sont formés pour traiter et résoudre les demandes des clients qu'elle soit initiée à partir d'un appel téléphonique, courriel, site web, courrier ou fax. Pour contacter notre centre du service à la clientèle, s.v.p. envoyez un courriel au

Demandes de renseignements de facturation
Cette section est destinée aux clients qui demandent un service à la clientèle à l'égard des items Fastrack qui apparaissent sur leur facture téléphonique. Vous pouvez contacter notre centre de service par téléphone au 1-866-340-4990 ou par courriel à Vous pouvez également nous contacter ici en remplissant un formulaire de contact en ligne. S'il vous plaît noter que les frais sur votre facture de téléphone sont toujours pour les services que vous avez reçu, accepté ou autorisé à être facturé à votre ligne fixe ou numéro de téléphone mobile. En aucun cas une charge sera placés au numéro de téléphone d'un abonné, sauf s'ils sont valides et autorisées.

Les consommateurs qui souhaitent bloquer ou débloquer un numéro de téléphone spécifique pour les services premium s'il vous plaît cliquer bloquer ou débloquer ou appelez notre centre de service au 1 866 340 4990.

Support Technique
Notre équipe expérimentée au support technique est disponible pour soutenir nos clients avec des applications et des demandes liées à nos plates-formes technologiques. L'équipe de Fastrack de développeurs d'applications, spécialistes de réseaux, ingénieurs en voix et multimédias s'assurent que des solutions innovantes sont développées, mises en œuvre et maintenu avec la fiabilité, la sécurité, l'intégrité et la continuité. Pour contacter notre équipe de support technique, s.v.p. envoyez un courriel à

Contactez Fastrack
Adresse d'entreprise

PO Box 89013
Calgary, Alberta,
T2Z 3W3
1-866-340-4990 Sans frais
1-403-257-7090 Ligne direct
1-403-257-6098 Fax  

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Customer Service:
Service à la clientè





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For more information on Fastrack Networks wholesale solutions, please direct your inquiries to:
Sales Enquiries:
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